Sunday, September 5, 2010

It has been too long...

       Sorry for not posting in a few days. I've just been a little busy but, nuns. Seriously, has anyone ever seen, or even heard of, a drunk nun? Now maybe there's a whole congregation of over-the-top, slutty alky nuns that I don't know about (tell me if there is...that would be awesome), but it just seems like at least one of them would of dipped a little too deep into the ol' JC juice.
       Could you imagine how awesome that would be? I mean c'mon. hangin out with a drunk nun? Talk about epic conversions. That would trump the shit out of the Ben Affleck dogma conversion. It would be so easy, like:
                         Me: "Sister...Hey sis...god isn't real
             Whore nun: " I...I dun even ca...cur...any...anymore...I....can i suck ur peep?

       Which leads me into my next awesome point. Think about how awesome of a lay that would be? Talk about your holiest of holies! Put aside for a moment that it would be the most dick-crushingly tightest pussy you've ever had the pleasure of pillaging, and think about what you've just done. You'd have just entered the most sacred of places. The most cherished of chapels. The purest of parishes. The most untainted of tabernacles. THE BIG BAMBINO! Yet I digress.
       Now that I've firmly secured shotgun on the long hard road into hell, I think I'm gonna crack a beer and go hang out at the only place online that makes me feel like I'm not the worst piece of shit on the planet. See you fags there.
                                                  Sacrilegious Whatever...